These storm shelters are made in Conway to help keep us safe during severe weather

Conway is known for a great many thing. It is the home of the Wampus Cats, UCA and roundabouts.

But did you know it’s also called home by Sinco Fab?

The Conway plant makes and molds several items, but what it may be known for the most is storm shelters.

Parker Spradley, an employee of Sinco Fab, gave us a tour of the facilities and a look at the process of making a storm shelter.

"This is the door to the storm shelter. After you laser it, break it, you take all the parts and you have your [storm shelter] print right here. So then you’re going to put all the parts where they need to go, weld it up and send it on to paint."

From there, the constructed shelter is transported by forklift to the painting area where it is cleaned so the paint can adhere better to the metal.

The machinery used for painting can reach up to nearly 700 degrees during the process.

The company makes several storm shelters, but Spradley said his favorite is the in-ground storm shelter.

"Shelter Solutions goes in, cuts the concrete out, takes [the shelter] from us, take it to the house, drop it in, bolt it to the ground. That’s pretty much it," Spradley said.

Brandon Shaw, Vice President of Shelter Solution of Arkansas has saw first hand the destruction caused by the tornado outbreak of March 1997.

"We’re obviously Arkansans, we know what it’s like to live here," Shaw said. "We realize these products are going to people’s homes to be there for safety."

In our state, the risk of severe weather is always present, but Shaw and his team are determined to help reduce fatalities in the state. Their job is to construct equipment to protect the live of Arkansans.

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