Scott Tibbetts: There are many reasons why people own AR-15 rifles

To the editor:

In response to Brad McKenzie’s question in the Sun on May 25.

Rifle manufacturers, for the most part, produce their rifles to fit the average-sized person, with a predetermined, permanent length of pull, drop at the comb, etc. that is nearly a perfect fit for them out of the box.

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That leaves folks of other varying sizes having to go to expensive custom gunsmithing to have a favorite rifle that truly fits their physique.

If they want to “plink,” hunt varmints, harvest their own natural organic protein, then more rifles of different calibers are needed with the same resulting expensive gunsmithing on these firearms.

This is not an issue for the affluent if they want to spend the time and money, but for people or families of more modest means, it can be a financial burden, causing them to gravitate towards one firearm of a weight easily handled by most, plus having to go to adjustable to suit all of the above needs for most.

Add in the competitive shoots across the states with an AR platform, and one might see a reason why this firearm makes, at the least, financial sense to millions of new shooters.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for reasons of why the AR platform has gained so much popularity. The info is out there and verifiable, but many choose to let others do the research for them.

I mentioned that more women are attending concealed carry weapons classes as a means to bring to light the unrest that seems to be in our country, but as a bonus from those classes, many discovered they enjoy shooting and are dusting the seat of the pants off their male counterparts.

Odd thing about the unrest though, when counting all the federal, state, county, and town laws, some estimate we have upwards of 20,000 gun laws on the books with 40 percent being introduced since these terrorizing’s began to make the news so often.

When we were born, Brad, there were nowhere near that amount of laws in the nation, yet back in those days the media was virtually silent on such issues.

During the 1950s we could order our rifles through the Sears Roebuck catalog, no paperwork, no questions asked. Go figure.

When it comes to people choosing to defend their homes and property, I’m 100 percent on the their side.

We live in an area that can be called a “safe place” by many.

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It’s not the same in thousands of areas across the country, and how they choose to defend themselves is probably determined by what is walking around outside of their home.

Do they need an AR with a magazine holding 15-plus cartridges? Given the fact that most law enforcement officers are excellent rifle and pistol shooters, periodicaly have to requalify on weapons, are trained to manage stress in a deadly chaotic situation and still only have an 18 percent hit average in many confrontations, I can’t answer that question for everyone’s own particular circumstance.

As Mr. McKenzie wanted, I’ve given some of the many reasons for the popularity of an AR platform.

He states (as others have), “any number of other weapons that might actually be more appropriate for the job” are available, but offers no alternatives to help people decide on a means of self-defense.

Armalite rifles and the accessories for transforming them to suit all of the above listed needs are expensive.

I don’t own one, but many like me would be interested in learning more about the methods of home defense that Brad feels are more appropriate.

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