Getting to know Conway artist Michael Church

Conway artist Michael Church is a highly sought after whiz-bang in the field of collage artwork, that unique essence that involves finding old images in many venues and reassembling them into stimulating pieces of creativity.

His work is welcomed in many places of art including the Arkansas Arts Center and other major showcases.

Church considers himself to be a story teller who likes to invite viewers to peer into his work for assessment of his efforts which are executed competently and are, in fact, head turners.

The artist is a Conway native who was schooled here and worked in many places, mostly involving some kind of art form, often in book publishing and in libraries. He has no difficulty saying that he is mostly self-taught.

A critic once said that Church likes imagery which gives him the ability to enrich his final projects .

The artist is a big fellow standing some 6 feet, 3 inches and weighing in at 330 pounds which a friend said suggested that Church is an incongruous fit for an artist working with collages and often with delicate shapes and designs.

He doesn’t see it that way. “I love this kind of art. It’s stimulating and achieving,” he suggests almost enthralled with the subject.

Church can be found working at collage almost every day. He has a pleasant look about him. His hair is beginning to wear thin on top; his eyes play under his pleasant visage. He is good natured and laughs easily.

His interest in art and in creating visual art forms is a fairly new endeavor. He began to experiment with collage and developed an almost an addiction to finding old images, cutting them up and then reassembling individual pieces into new scenes.

He is drawn to images that elicit perceptions and sensations and anything that elicits and depicts feelings of the human condition, Thus his art pieces are stunning and are wondrous to the eye.

Church seems to invite the viewer to peer inside his work. And those who do are energized. A critic once wrote that “Church likes imagery which has the ability to enrich the final product. In one of his pieces two functions coalesce. In one work a woman appears from behind a clothesline to extend a hand to a child.”

The symbolism is not lost on the viewer.

“This is the kind of stuff I like,” Church smiles.

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