Arkansas daycare service helps teen moms, children

(Source: KAIT)


It’s not easy being a parent, especially a teen parent trying to get a high school diploma. But one program in Conway is helping out making it easier for teen parents.

Little Rock-station KATV spoke with Audrey Scaife who had her daughter while attending Conway High School.

"I’m not sure if I would have actually been able to continue with school," Scaife said.

She was then introduced to an organization called Conway Cradle Care, a program that is funded through the Department of Human Services child care development block grant.

The program is designed to help low-income families take care of kids while parents attend school.

Conway Cradle Care’s goal is for more centers like this to become available for teen parents across Arkansas.

"We definitely would have had a tough road ahead of us instead of having that smooth of a road as we had," Scaife said.

To read more about Audrey’s story and find out more about the program, click here.

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